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Every business has a view of themselves and have a philosophy that they follow. A lot have what they call their “Mission statement”.

Some practices have a view that they will cater for the lowest common denominator charging cheap prices and making up with volume. Bulk billing centers are good examples of this. You get little time, little explanation and really, little service in usually cheap and run down premises.

Other practices cater for the more discerning individuals who value their time and are looking for good quality service. These practices usually do not bulk bill but instead charge a fee. In return you get quality service, time spent with you explaining things and modern surroundings with up to date facilities and equipment.

We fall into the later category. We charge a reasonable fee and in return provide a quality service.

We prefer to cater for the discerning individual who values good service over cheap price. We find that these individuals are more motivated to get a good result and appreciate The extra effort that we put into them.

You will not find a cattle yard in our waiting rooms, and you will find that we definitely spend more time with you than other centres.

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