Fig 1. An Intralase Machine


Due to the limitations of microkeratomes, Intralase was invented. Intralase is a trade name for the company that produces the femtosecond laser which replaces microkeratomes and produce precise flaps. This is referred to as bladeless surgery.

It means that the surgeon does not cut anything as the laser does it. That means less to go wrong and greater precision.

At the beginning of the procedure, a suction device is placed on the surface of the eye to allow the laser to make contact. This is not usually uncomfortable but certainly can be felt. It tends to leave a ring of ‘bruise’ around the eye where the suction makes contact. This is normal and to be expected

The Intralase part of the procedure takes about 15 seconds and is painless. The laser creates millions of vacuoles in the cornea which coalesce creating the flap. As the laser is very precise, it means that the flap can be made thinner and therefore leave a thicker residual bed which in turns means less risk of ectasia.

The Intralse part of the procedure uses a laser itself but it is not the same laser that performs the actual vision correction.

The combination of Intralase and Lasik using an AMO machine is branded as ‘iLasik’. This is not some new procedure but rather a branding concept. A Lasik procedure that uses intralase and ANY other brand of laser for correction is IDENTICAL to iLasik.

suction device on the eye

Fig 2. Suction device on the eye

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