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We have a very modern and technologically advanced practice.

Medical records are all electronic and any letters that you bring with you will be scanned into our system.

Our waiting area is comfortable and hopefully relaxing.

Please be aware that we do our best to run to time but sometimes we cannot help running late. You can rest assure that when it is your turn to be seen you will get all the care and attention that you need.





When you visit us, you will initially be assessed by our orthoptists who will determine which if any tests or investigations are required. If you are visiting for a vision correction assessment, then all the necessary investigations will be done at that time. You will have the opportunity to discuss your needs with our orthoptist who will be able to give you an idea of wether it is possible

If you are suitable for vision correction you will then be seen by an eye specialist who will further discuss your test results with you and advise you about the best way of dealing with your particular problem.

Glaucoma tests including visual fields, OCT’s and HRT’s are vital to determine if your glaucoma is under control and without these, a proper assessment can not be performed.






We have the latest technology available in our offices. We are technophiles so love new stuff when it comes out.

For cataract surgery we use the latest Catalys femtosecond lasers.

For Lasik we use  the AMO Intralase laser instead of creating the flap with a blade.

For the vision correction itself we use the Schwind Amaris.

Surgery at East Melbourne is in the excellent Victoria Parade Surgical Centre which is heavily invested in the most current technology.



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