Implantable Collamer Lens (ICL)

Visian ICL

Fig 1. Visian Implantable Collamer Lens

Visian ICL

Fig 2. Visian ICL

Artisan lens

Figure 3. Artisan lens

Figure 4. ICL video


An implantable collamer lens is a lens, not dissimilar to a contact lens, which is implanted within the eye, and which is located behind the iris and in front of the lens. It is analogous to  wearing a contact lenses inside the eye rather than on it.


The main advantage is that no tissue is removed or incised and the natural lens is left untouched. It can be removed anytime restoring the eye back to its natural state.
The other main advantage is that since the cornea is untouched, the quality of vision is superior to Lasik or PRK. What Visian calls HD vision.


The main disadvantage is that there has to be sufficient room inside the eye to allow the lens to be implanted. This is determined at the assessment consultation. The older style ICL was associated with cataract formation if the lens touched the natural lens but this is less of an issue with the modern form of this lens.


This lens is primarily for young patients (21-45 yo) with very high scripts that are outside the range for Lasik or PRK, or for patients with inadequate corneal thickness or some other underlying condition that would make a laser procedure undesirable. Also young patients who do not desire to lose their natural lens with a refractive lens exchange.

There needs to be adequate anterior chamber depth to permit implantation of these lenses which is determined at the time of the consultation.


These procedures are relatively straight foward with minimal risk but as they are intraocular procedures, they carry the same risks as for other intraocular procedure such as cataract surgery. As mentioned above they also carry risks of touching the natural lens


In addition to the ICL, there are other lenses available such as the Artisan lens which sits in front of the iris and is in fact clipped to it. We do not offer this type of lens.

We offer the Visian ICL for suitable patients

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