About us

We were stablished in 2002. We started at the Epworth hospital and relocated to our current location in East Melbourne in 2011


We are a specialist Adult practice and our expertise is in:


We are a very high-tech practice and we have the absolutely latest technology.

We offer a no obligation initial assessment, to see if you are suitable for vision correction.

We can provide you with an assessment of your situation and recommend what we think is in your best interests to resolve your vision problems.

We offer Lasik, PRK, Implantable Collamer Lens or Refractive lens exchange as means to achieve vision correction.

Our goal is to provide an excellent service and excellent outcomes rather than trying to be the cheapest.


The key requirements for choosing who to go to are as follows:
Firstly, make sure that your specialist has the appropriate qualifications and is well regarded. You can check this by talking to your GP or optometrist. If you really want, you can check with the medical Board which allows you to check online whether there are any complaints against them.

Secondly, make sure that you see a specialist who is experienced in the area relevant to your problem. You want to ensure that your specialist of choice is experienced in the procedure that you need and has performed many of them.

They need to be up with the latest information and latest equipment particularly given that ophthalmology is very high tech area and constantly changing.

Needless to say, an approachable and friendly friendly practice is best. Ask others who have used them about their experience.

Finally you need to have confidence that what you are being told is in your best interest and not in theirs.

Check out Choice magazine’s article on choosing an eye surgeon.

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    My first 3 of Cypass patients had their surgery today. All went well with zero issues. Looking forward to seeing their pressures tomorrow
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