Our experience

Our experience

Our practice is subspecialised. We do not see all patients with eye problems but instead limit ourselves to certain specialty areas.

We have been performing cataract surgery for over 17 years and have implanted most of the currently available intraocular implants. We believe that by specialising in cataract surgery we provide a better outcome.

We are now entering the era of the laser cataract surgery and we embarked on this new path earlier than most. We are officially the first to perform this kind of surgery at VPSC and we are officially the first to reach full accreditation there. We are not the first to do this kind of surgery in Australia however as this honor falls to the surgeons in Sydney.

We have also been performing laser vision correction now for over 10 years and have a level of expertise in this area that I believe makes us equal to others working in this area.

Finally, we have been looking after patients with glaucoma for over 15 years and believe that we provide a service that is up to date and as good as any