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Laser eye surgery

We are vision correction specialists. We can help you with Lasik, PRK, Refractive lens exchange or the implantable Collamer lens

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Cataract surgery

We offer the latest technology for cataract treatment including laser assisted surgery.

We use use digital alignment technology for precise lens alignment and the most modern intraocular lenses including multifocal lenses for complete freedom from glasses

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We offer the latest and most up to date approaches to managing glaucoma, including  SLT laser treatment and we specialise in minimally invasive glaucoma surgery (MIGS) using the iStent, Hydrus stent and the Xen gel stent.

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We can help you with pterygium surgery using modern conjunctival autografting techniques

What we can do for you

Laser Eye Surgery

Our laser eye surgeons can help you achieve your goal of freedom from glasses or contact lenses with either lasik eye surgery, clear lens exchange or the Implantable Collamer Lens. As each person is individual in their specific requirements, our laser eye clinic can advise you about which vision correction method is best for YOU



We have over 20 years experience in cataract surgery and we are one of the leading users of the latest technology. Our clinic uses state of the art techniques including femtosecond laser cataract surgery to help your eyes achieve the best vision outcomes 



We offer the full range of surgical approaches to glaucoma surgery including, the Xen Gel stent, the iStent and the Hydrus stent. If your eyes have glaucoma in combination with cataract we are  able to offer you the most technologically advanced approaches to deal with each of these problems

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Please contact us for an appointment so we can discuss an appropriate approach to assist you in gaining the best vision possible

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Xen gel stent now available in Melbourne

Xen gel stent now available in Melbourne

After a delay in getting TGA approval, the Xen Gel Sten has finally been approved for use in Australia. The stent will get prosthesis listing in mid March and should then be available for all to use. What is the Xen Sten? In one of my previous postings, I wrote about the Cypass shunt, which became...

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First Cypass patients are implanted

First Cypass patients are implanted

Today I implanted three patients with the new Cypass shunt. All had poorly controlled glaucoma, one on four lots of medication with still a high pressure. I will be seeing them on their first day tomorrow and it is my expectation that they will all be able to at the very least reduce their...

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Cypass for glaucoma during cataract surgery

Cypass for glaucoma during cataract surgery

Dr Joseph San Laureano from Melbourne Eye Centre is very excited to announce that we are now implanting the new Cypass microstent in patients who have glaucoma and are having cataract surgery. What is the Cypass? The Cypass microstent is a small shunt which is implanted into the supraciliary space...

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