Cypass for glaucoma during cataract surgery

Dr Joseph San Laureano from Melbourne Eye Centre is very excited to announce that we are now implanting the new Cypass microstent in patients who have glaucoma and are having cataract surgery.

What is the Cypass?

The Cypass microstent is a small shunt which is implanted into the supraciliary space at the time of cataract surgery which lowers the intraocular pressure by allowing drainage of aqueous. It inserted with an introducer into the area just below the scleral spur and into the supraciliary space

Who is the Cypass for?

The Cypass is currently TGA approved in Australia for patients who have glaucoma and are undergoing cataract surgery. It is also approved as a stand alone procedure but at present there is no Medicare item that will allow this.

The shunt is implanted at the end of the cataract procedure.

What will the Cypass accomplish?

The Cypass will lower the intraocular pressure to the point that medications (eye drops) may no longer be necessary. At the very least, a reduction in the number of eye drops or a better control of pressure

Is Cypass safe?

Cypass is classified as minimally invasive glaucoma surgery (MIGS) and to date there have not been any reported adverse events

What does Cypass cost?

Dr San Laureano is currently NOT charging for the Cypass. It is been implanted as part of the cataract procedure. The only requirement is that patients have private health insurance. If a non insured patient wishes to have the Cypass, it can be done at the patients cost

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