FAQ – Pterygium

What is a pterygium ?

A pterygium is a fleshy growth of abnormal conjunctiva onto the cornea.

What causes a pterygium ?

It is not completely known what causes a pterygium but most likely it is the combination of genetic predisposition and UV light exposure

Should I have my pterygium removed?

A pterygium should be removed if it is large and near the central cornea, if it is continually causing irritation or if it is cosmetically unacceptable.

What is involved in removing a pterygium?

A pterygium is surgically removed and an autoconjunctival graft is used to covered the area and reduce the risk of recurrence

Is the surgery risky ?

No, the surgery is quite safe

Can my pterygium come back ?

Recurrence rates are about 5%

Is surgery painful ?

The surgery itself is not painful but there is pain the following day which can be controlled with medication.

Do I need to take time of work ?

Only on the day of surgery and perhaps the day after.

Are there any restrictions after pterygium surgery?

Only to avoid rubbing the eye