November 2013

Laser cataract surgery reduces phaco emulsification times

It is known that femto laser cataract surgery leads to reduced phacoemulsification times and lower phaco energy during surgery. This article discusses the increasing evidence for this and cites the published papers

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Cataract surgery in difficult patients

Cataract surgery can be difficult in some patients specially those with back and neck problems. This articles briefly looks at these problems and how they are got around

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Laser cataract surgery night

Melbourne Eye centre holds a laser cataract surgery education evening for optometrists

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    Last day of AUSCRS. presenters have to be able to tie a knot before they are allowed to present their talk
    - Saturday Aug 5 - 3:52am

    Head to head session on trifocals
    - Thursday Aug 3 - 11:21pm

    Latest Barret on line calculator allows K’s from up to 3 devices to be combined to give more accurate lens predictions
    - Thursday Aug 3 - 8:29am